Thriving With Hairloss: Helping Women Look Younger, Feel More Confident and Be More Secure

Peggy Knight Speaks ABOUT 30 years of Alopecia Hair Loss and NEW BOOK THRIVING WITH HAIR LOSS

We have all read about the “Oscar Slap” at the Oscars 2022 starring Will Smith, Jada Pickett-Smith and Chris Rock. Now you can read a personal story written by Peggy Knight who has lived her life with alopecia areata. Here is her story of Thriving With Hair Loss: Helping Women Look Younger, Feel More Confident, and Be More Secure.  Peggy Speaks on Thriving with Hairloss about the 30-year Journey of Alopecia hair loss truth.

Peggy Knight Wigs is the leading provider of hair prostheses for medical hair loss. Peggy’s personal experience with hair loss is her inspiration and motivation. It is the foundation for her goals and actions today and every day. As a teenager, Peggy developed alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss and has no known cause or cure. By age 21, she had lost all of her hair. 

She was then working in a high-visibility position as a flight attendant and struggled to maintain her self-esteem in the face of society’s expectations. At the time, there was little understanding of, and little compassion for, individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning because of alopecia areata or other medical causes (such as stress, chemotherapy, or scars). 

The marketplace offered little solace: acceptable wig and hairpiece products were almost impossible to locate. In an effort to help herself and others, Knight founded an image institute in 1982. This institute, located in San Francisco, California, focuses on helping women regain their self-esteem and return to a normal, active lifestyle after experiencing changes in their physical appearance due to alopecia areata, other hair loss diseases, burns, or wigs for cancer patients

The institute also nurtured the development of high-quality hairpieces and wigs now available through Peggy Knight Wigs. Today, as Founder and President of Peggy Knight Wigs, Peggy oversees the research and development of a full product line of wigs and custom hairpieces created specifically for girls, teens, and women with medical hair loss.

“I am committed to creating hair prostheses that enable everyone experiencing hair loss to lead a normal life – to walk in the wind or play sports without worry,” says Peggy. In her quest to help people through hair loss, Peggy Knight has been designing her signature wigs for over 35 years. She is a world-renowned expert on the subject of hair loss in women and has appeared on many programs and in many publications.

Peggy’s concepts have been seen on:

The Oprah Winfrey Show
The New Maury Povich Show
Dermatology Nurses
Nursing Magazine
Hair & Beauty News
Modern Salon
Beauty Education
American Salon
Entrepreneurial Woman
San Francisco Chronicle
Oakland Tribune
Los Angeles Times
Gayle King Show
People Magazine
Today Show
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Hour Magazine
Dr. Dean Edell
Telemundo Television
Nickelodeon Television
The Courage to Give
The Tyra Banks Show


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