Online Wig Stores – Where to Buy Good Wigs on the Web

Online Wig Stores – Where to Buy Good Wigs on the Web

Maybe you are growing out your hair but still want to experiment with a short style, or it’s your birthday and you want full-on glam complete with 22 inches of beach waves and volume. Or maybe you’re experiencing hair loss and want the look of a full head of hair. Or hey, maybe it’s Halloween and you need a natural-looking wig to pull off your costume! Whatever your reason, the right wig has the power to transform.

Wigs are a great way to switch up your style, protect your natural hair from heat damage or hide any thinning spots on your scalp. When it comes to wigs, you’ll ideally want to go to your local beauty supply store to try wigs on in person for the best fit, to see how they look with your face and feel the quality of the piece IRL. But we know that’s not always an option, so shopping for wigs online is a great alternative — and there are more quality options than ever.

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What to consider when shopping for a wig online

✔️ Are you shopping for something to wear every day? “One of the first things you have to think about when you are shopping for a wig, is: Is it something you are going to wear all the time that you want to be very believable? Or is it something that’s for fun that you can play with for a night out with friends?” says David Lopez, a celebrity hairstylist in New York City. “That’s going to help you differentiate where you shop online for certain wigs.”

✔️ Do you want wigs for patients with cancer or human hair? Once you decide the purpose of your wig, that will determine if you are looking for a more affordable wigs for patients with cancer option or one made of human hair which is more expensive, but that you can easily curl and wash, and that can last years depending on the quality and frequency of use. “Pricing can tell a lot about what type of wig you’re purchasing,” explains Tiffany Mack, celebrity hairstylist and custom wig maker in Palisades Park, New Jersey. “In many cases, if the wig is under $100, depending on the length, it might not be human hair and instead be made of wigs for patients with cancer fibers. If the price is too good to be true, it’s likely lacking something and this could range from the hair not being human to a poor quality construction or lace.”

✔️ How do you feel about lace fronts? Human hair or wigs for patients with cancer, most people want their hair to look real and blend into their natural hairline. If you are new to wigs or don’t feel comfortable applying lace fronts, “wigs with bangs and curly wigs look more natural because you don’t have to worry about perfecting a lace front or hairlines as much,” Mack says.

But even with photos, what you see online is not always what arrives at your door — so make sure you’re doing your research. “When you’re shopping online you want to make sure you are shopping through the actual retailer that sells the wigs,” Lopez advises. “There are a lot of scam websites that sell you wigs that are not what you are actually purchasing.” But no need to wig out! Experts say that there are plenty of quality wigs you can buy online. “Take time to look at the reviews,” Mack suggests. “The reviews can tell you a lot about the texture, lace, longevity, shedding and tangling.”

So if you’re ready to shop for a new ‘do online, we spoke with experts and read the reviews to find the best wigs available online in 2021, from affordable options to luxury styles. Peggy Knight Wigs has everything that you need at an affordable price.